In Remembrance of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej 1926 - 2016

treasured asset

Invest in an asset you can enjoy as it appreciates in an integrated, environmentally sustainable mixed-use development with over 250 metres of pure beach frontage and a spectacular natural amphitheatre formed by Kamala’s steep cluster of forested hills.

MontAzure offers investors and collectors of luxury residences a selection of intriguing opportunities, secured by being part of Phuket’s most prestigious, well-planned and visionary community lifestyle development.

MontAzure also offers an investment in the peace of mind which comes with caring for the environment and giving back to the surrounding local community.

trusted partner

MontAzure development brings together three major names in Asian real estate investment and development.

ARCH Capital

is a boutique Asian private equity real estate fund manager with a unique Asian-owned and managed investment platform for proprietary investment sourcing, execution and management. Readmore

Huakee Group

is a privately owned group of diversified businesses based in Thailand. Its holdings encompass management and operations in petrochemical, power generation, industrial gas, real-estate development, and hospitality industries. Readmore

Philean Capital

is an investment holding company owned and controlled by members of the Kwee Family who are behind the Pontiac Land Group. Readmore

cherished community

Development with a conscience and sustainability in action. These are not just words; they are central to the Montazure development team’s ethos and this thinking permeates everything we do.

Giving back to the community is something Montazure’s team takes very seriously and Sustainability is an essential component in the design, construction and management of MontAzure. It manifests through minimal impact on the natural environment, effective use and re-us of available natural resources and the conscious protection of indigenous flora and fauna.


The Kamala Green Club

A group of local Kamala businesses and concerned citizens works together on Phuket to improve environmental issues in their hometown. They meet quarterly to discuss solutions to environmental issues and perform actions to implement community awareness and positive change.


The Flying Scouts

Founded in 2008 by a group of enthusiast pilots, travellers, adventurers, adrenaline fanatics and photographers who share the passion of travelling and help improving the world in anyway that they can.